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# same\_as\_p4\ This is a Python 3 script that's nearly the same as simply running "p4 reconcile". I'd already started writing it before I realized what a duplication of effort it was. So, of course, I decided to memorialize it here. To preview how a reconcile would look, issue a command like so: -c 48 -n source_dir/ p4_dir/ Of course, issue the command with -h or --help to learn more. --help usage: [-h] [-c CHANGELIST] [-n] source_dir p4_dir Similar to "p4 reconcile" positional arguments: source_dir The newer directory outside perforce p4_dir The perforce directory to be modified optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -c CHANGELIST, --changelist CHANGELIST Changelist to use -n, --preview Preview only, don't change any files ### So you put a Perforce script in a Git repo? Wait, what? ### Is it any good? [Yes]( ### Licence This software uses the [MIT license](