A test Roku channel.


dxb Channel

dxb Channel is a test channel for Roku devices. It uses SceneGraph and the BrightScript language.

Getting The Channel

This is the private channel code: dxb

Clicking the link will take you directly to a confirmation page for getting the channel.


dxb channel screenshot

Getting the project

At git.dlma.com click Download and select Download ZIP or Download TAR.

If you're me, and you want to contribute to the repo, then you can clone it like so:

git clone ssh://$USER@dlma.com/~/git/dxb_channel.git

Building it

Ensure you can sideload a dev channel.

It is convenient to set environment variables $ROKU_DEV_TARGET and $DEVPASSWORD in a local file ".env". For example:



Running make will build and deploy if you have $ROKU_DEV_TARGET and $DEVPASSWORD set.


You can automatically make and deploy with each changed file with the following command:

git ls-files | entr -c sh -c 'make all'

VS Code

VS Code can also use the Makefile with VC Code Makefile Tools.

Use dxb_channel.code-workspace as your workspace file for the project.

Sublime Text

See the "build_systems" command in dxb_channel.sublime-project to see how the channel is zipped and deployed.


The code in components/testtask.brs is run every time the OK button is pressed (while the "Test Output" pane has focus). That's a good place to experiment with new code.

Is it any good?



This software uses the MIT license.