A Roku channel that "tags" (as in graffiti) its IP address to a server.


IP Tagger

IP Tagger is a test channel for Roku devices. It uses SceneGraph and the BrightScript language.

Getting the project

You can get a copy of this project by clicking on the ZIP or TAR buttons near the top right of the GitList web page.

If you're me, and you want to contribute to the repo, then you can clone it like so:

git clone ssh://USERNAME@dlma.com/~/git/roku_ip_tagger.git

Building it

In the components directory, move the file "settings.xml.sample" to "settings.xml" and update its url and auth fields.

Ensure you can sideload a dev channel. Then see the "build_systems" command in ip_tagger.sublime-project to see how the channel is zipped and deployed.

Corresponding Server Code

Here's the corresponding server code.

Is it any good?


To Do

  1. Replace roDeviceInfo.GetDeviceUniqueId with GetChannelClientId()


This software uses the MIT license.